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BH Bowman Studios  •  Abstract  Expressionism •  Canvas Design


"All Day"  16" x 20"

Selected as an image for the

 cover of the 2013 Hidden in the hills studio tour directory!


                          "Desert Bloom"  46"x48"              "Dusk" 24"x30" Framed             SOLD


                "My Friend Mark" 48"x60"              SOLD             "Sierra Lume" 48"x60"             SOLD


                 "The Awakining" 24"x30" Framed                 SOLD                    SOLD             "Beyond Here" 30"x40" Framed


                 "Fading Light" 30"x40"             "Indian Summer" 30"x40" Framed              SOLD              SOLD


                           SOLD             SOLD             "Up Rising" 24" x 60"


                                                                "Up North" 4pc 36" x 48" 

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